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Chatelaine Info


If you have not previously been warranted, please mail your warrant form (available from your Seneschal) to:

Jon Daniels

1409 Wiggins Ave

Saskatoon, Sk

S7H 2J5





Persona Name


Phone Number


Email Address


Street address








Postal Code



Membership #



Expiry Date



After this point questions are optional but your answers would be useful in helping me do my job.


What year did you join the SCA?

How long were you deputy Chatelaine before becoming Chatelaine?

What is your age?


What is your occupation?


Which of the following SCA activities are you involved in?


Armoured combat


Rapier combat










Arts & Science


List A & S activities



List kingdom and principality awards received:



List any previous offices and titles held:



List any other qualifications for this office:



Is organising demos part of the job of the Chatelaine in your branch?


If no, does your branch have a demo co-ordinator?


What are your plans for the office?



Write any other questions, comments, etc below.







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