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About chain mail jewelry

The Company:

The company has sort of faded into existence over the last 10 years.  In 1988 in made my first maille vest.  By 1992 I have made 4 vests and started on jewelry and other maille items.  After making several hundred pieces of jewelry I decided I should start selling my work.  Since them I have probably sold a 1000 pieces to local stores, and at medieval recreation and cultural events.  This webpage is the next step.

The Staff:

Chain Mail Jewelry is pretty much a one man company.  My wife helps out with the retail end and helps with a bit of the jewelry.  Let me introduce you to the president, owner, marketing department, webpage designer, manufacturing department, and purchasing department...

Name: Jonathan (Jon) Daniels.

Age: Born November 25th 1975

Education:  Graduated from University of Saskatchewan with an Engineering Physics degree (with distinction) in 1998.  Email me at through University at (I assume the University will stop forwarding at some time).

Career :I never have and never plan to make maille full time.  Since 3 months prior to graduation I have been employed full time with Sci-Tec Instruments where I am working with the Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer.  Want to check it out: webpage  My email at work at   Previous Summer Jobs include 4 Months at TRIUMF (Tri-University Meson Facility) and 8 months at SAL (Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory)

SCA:  I am very active in a medieval recreation group called the Society for Creative Anachronism.  In the SCA I am known as Tarquyn of Sergontium.  I have been in the SCA since 1992 and have the following awards and offices:

You can check out the SCA at:
I am half of the design team for the Baronial Web Page at:\~myrganwood

You can email me on SCA business at

Environmental policy:
Chain Mail Jewelry is an environmentally responsible company even when not financial beneficial.  All packaging (except tape) is made from 100% post consumer wastes (i.e. reused bags and boxes).  Manufacturing wastes are minimised and all waste is recycled.