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The Ring Lord - Company Profile

Here is some details about my company - my hope is this will make you more comfortable in dealing with me.

The Ring Lord is more or less a one man company. I have a few part time employees and my wife helps out with shipping and organization. The factory is located in the basement (plus the several thousand pounds of wire in my garage) of our home along with my wife's stained glass business. Although this sometimes seems like a full time job it a hobby business.

We have been selling rings via the internet since 1996. At first sales were through Sara Trice's Chain Mail Connection. In 1998 I started my own webpage but continued to sell through Chain Mail Connection as well. I started making chainmail in 1987. I now focus my chain mail activities on jewelry.

Trouble Contacting The Ring Lord?

Warning: If you can not seem to contact me by email the most likely reason is that I am away on business is some backwards country that does not have an IBM global dial in line, good telephone lines, or internet cafes. I take 4-5 one week business trips I year - recently I've been to Iran, Argentina, India, Holland, Spain and Hungary.

Company Legal Data:

Company's Legal Name: Daniels Enterprises
Saskatchewan Business Liscense: 913187
Saskatoon Business Liscence: BL 1999-5132
Provincial Sales Tax: #: 1817592
The Ring Lord is:
Name: Jonathan James Daniels
email addresses:,,,,,
Phone: home (306) 249-4623 -good answering machine
. . . . . work (306) 934-0101 ext 32 - do not leave any messages please
Address: 1409 Wiggins Ave, Saskatoon, Sk, S7H 2J5
Education: Engineering Physics Degree - 1998 - University of Saskatchewan
employer: Sci-Tec / Zipp & Zonen
Career: I Work with the Brewer Spectrophotometer at Sci-Tec Instrements - Atmospheric Ozone research.