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How do I apply a discount on rings for an order containing more then rings

Option 1: Enter the rings in first. Select the appropriate % discount. Hit the calculate button and note the value of the discount. Enter this value into the $ discount box. Erase the number in the % discount box. Enter the rest of your order.

Option 2: Don't worry about entering the discount - send the form and you will get an invoice with the correct total.

What are the 2 discount boxes for?

First box is for a % discount (enter after consulting the table.) Second box is for a set $ discount (for entering credit, or for adjusting for an order with items that do not qualify for a discount. If you use both boxes the discounts will be added together.

What if I don't have a printer but still want a copy of the completed orderform?

Not to worry - as soon as I receive your order I email an invoice with all the info that would be on the order form.

What if I don't get a reply within 2 days?

There are 2 possibilities - perhaps my wife and I are out of email range (i.e. the rainforests of Argentina - Nov 99), or more likely a gremlin ate your order and it never reached me. To check to see if I'm out of the country see the Specials page.