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The Chokecherry Forge's Hand Forged Steak Turner


These are hard to describe but are the greatest thing for
turning steak, chops, sausage, or whatever on the bar-be-que
I have even seen them used on store bought burgers!
They are around 16" long,made from 5/16th's round stock, have
a leaf forged on the handle end, and a decorative twist before
the hook.
These make great gifts for someone, (It's up to you if you want
to tell them what it is) I get alot of repeat and referral
sales for these, most of the users say they won't use anything
else anymore. I also have one customer of these that says it's
the best thing when he's cooking bacon. (Just don't try it in
a none stick pan!)

Shipping $5 in North America

Close-up of handle


Close-up of point

Another fine handcraft from: