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Webpages of Friends
pages listed here belong to people that I see often and that I know and trust.
If you have problems with any of these merchants I'll try to help you resolve the problems:
Weapons Merchant
Other assorted weapons
Stained Glass Garden Stepping Stones
Made by my wife so orders can be shipped with ring orders for reduced shipping cost. See specials for more info.
 Handforged goods of all descriptions:
-knives, swords, axes, spears, candle sticks, decorative work, custom work.


Webpages of My Professional Customers

If you buy rings from me and have a webpage selling your wares send me a banner to place here.

Webpages of Companies who Pay me to be listed here

  Every month these nice people send me about $30 just for surfing the internet. Free money. Please don't forget to mention I sent you (ID=ELJ 725). See a check here.
 PayPal is fast becoming the favorite way to send money via the internet. Its fast, its free, its safe. The will give us both $5 if you sign-up through me.