About chain mail jewelry

The Company:

The company has sort of faded into existence over the last 10 years.  In 1988 in made my first maille vest.  By 1992 I have made 4 vests and started on jewelry and other maille items.  After making several hundred pieces of jewelry I decided I should start selling my work.  Since them I have probably sold a 1000 pieces to local stores, and at medieval recreation and cultural events.  This webpage is the next step.

The Staff:

Chain Mail Jewelry is pretty much a one man company.  My wife helps out with the retail end and helps with a bit of the jewelry.  Let me introduce you to the president, owner, marketing department, webpage designer, manufacturing department, and purchasing department...

Name: Jonathan (Jon) Daniels.

Age: Born November 25th 1975

Education:  Graduated from University of Saskatchewan with an Engineering Physics degree (with distinction) in 1998.  Email me at through University at jjd128@mail.usask.ca (I assume the University will stop forwarding at some time).

Career :I never have and never plan to make maille full time.  Since 3 months prior to graduation I have been employed full time with Sci-Tec Instruments where I am working with the Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer.  Want to check it out: webpage www.sci-tec.com.  My email at work at jon.daniels@sci-tec.com.   Previous Summer Jobs include 4 Months at TRIUMF (Tri-University Meson Facility) and 8 months at SAL (Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory)

SCA:  I am very active in a medieval recreation group called the Society for Creative Anachronism.  In the SCA I am known as Tarquyn of Sergontium.  I have been in the SCA since 1992 and have the following awards and offices:

You can check out the SCA at: www.sca.org
I am half of the design team for the Baronial Web Page at:  www.members.tripod.com\~myrganwood

You can email me on SCA business at tarquyn@bigfoot.com

Environmental policy:
Chain Mail Jewelry is an environmentally responsible company even when not financial beneficial.  All packaging (except tape) is made from 100% post consumer wastes (i.e. reused bags and boxes).  Manufacturing wastes are minimised and all waste is recycled.