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Ordering Form Options:

I am working on a reasonable way to make an automated ordering form.  The best I have so far is a complex spreadsheet writren in MS Excel.  The form has all pricing and material options from the catalog built in.  You type the name of the piece of jewelry and the program prompts you for the required information.  Shipping, insurance and volume discounts are also automatically calculated.

For now the ordering process is really basic.  First email me your order with shipping preference.  I will email you back confirming your order and clearing up any questions.  Then you mail me a check.  When I receive the check I send the order.

Simple order form

Customer Satisfaction:

Please contact me with any problems you have regaurding my company.  I will normally respond to email within a few days.  If I do not respond I am most likely on a bussiness trip to one of the darker corners of the world where I do not have email access.  Normally my wife will handle the company in my absence.


I will accept returns for up to 1 year from the date I ship (plus a week or two of grace).
I will fix the item or refund your money (your choice).
Shipping will not be refunded unless the problem is my fault (e.g. sending the wrong item).
No returns will be accepted unless you contact me prior to returning the item.
All returns are to be clearly marked as "Returned to Manufacturer" for Customs purposes.